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"Acquiring a Visa includes a lot of hassles whichmight be quite
overwhelmings. We ensure that the process is not as torturous as."


Whenever you apply for a visa in a country that is primarily English speaking, you are required to showcase your ability to speak, listen, read and write English language by taking an exam of the language and passing it with the minimum required score. The two most popular exams that help you showcase and prove your English Language skills are:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language)

IELTS Training

IELTS exam is a general pre-requisite for entry in any English speaking nation. It applies to both student and work visas. It actually tests you on English language to ensure that upon your entry into the country you would be able to catch the lectures, interact with your colleagues and other people in the country. We help our clients with an exhaustive IELTS training on all the four components of the exam – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Our qualified and experienced IELTS tutors ensure that the students understand the basis purpose of these sections and have the skills to take the test on all these sections. Apart from teaching the concepts and tactics to pass the exam, they also make students practice through a large number of sample tests so that they can understand the examination scenario and be prepared to take the exam. We provide our students with all the essential details pertaining to the structure of the exam, which help them to pass the exam successfully. We:

  • Conduct training in small groups
  • Give students the access to library
  • Take mock tests from time to time
  • Give stress on all four modules of the test
  • Monitor weekly progress of the students to ensure better results

TOEFL Training

We help you prepare for the TOEFL exam by conducting intensive training sessions for it. We help you understand the components of the exams and teach you in a way that you develop the required skills for the exam. We back our intensive classroom training with a large number of sample and practice tests, so that you can get the required score in the exam.We provide our students with all the essential details pertaining to the structure of the exam, which help them to pass the exam successfully.

When you join our TOEFL classes, you can be rest assured about the exam as we train you through our best and experienced faculties who are proficient in delivering good results within a limited time period. They’ll help you with some proven methodologies to solve the exam and how should you take each & every section in the exam.
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Why is PTE?

Pearson test of English (PTE) is a newly accepted international test for English which is a computer tested test. The test measures individual’s skills in Writing, Reading, listening and speaking. PTE is been enclosed by Graduate management Admission council (GMAC).


Part Content Time Allowed
Introduction Intro Not timed
Part-I Speaking & Writing 77-93 mins
Part-II Reading 32—41 mins
Scheduled break (optional) 10 min
Part-III Listening 45-57 mins

(Average hours of test completion is three hours)

This test is valid for up to two years from the time of test taken.


Section 1 Listening MCQ 10 Points
Section 2 Listening/Writing Dictation 5(L) + 5(W)
Section 3 Listening Note Completion 10 points
Section 4 Reading GAP Fill 5 points
Section 5 Reading Graphical MCQ 5 points
Section 6 Reading Open Ended Ques 8 points
Section 7 Reading Text, note completion 7 points
Section 8 Writing Write correspondence 10 points
Section 9 Writing Write text 10 points
Section 10 1.5 mins 1 min speaking (topic)
Section 11 Speaking 2 min (Describing)
Section 12 1.5 min (1 min Reading describing) 25 points
Section 13 2 mins (script speaking) (ans & Role play)


Communication Skills:


Enabling Skills:

Oral fluency
Writing Discourse

PTE Coaching @ PSM Global

We are the leading PTE Coaching institute in coaching and service department. PTE Coaching is provided by us with IBT and PST materials exclusively.

We as a company are the leading coaster for PTE in the town. We also provide special group batches for students to maintain the high grade of results. We are the only institute for PTE which is holding free lifetime practice sessions and tips sessions for students.

Registration for PTE would be no more a worry, because we guide you for the same, all under one roof.

PTE exam center in ahmedabad

We Provide :-

  • Advanced IBT and PBI materials
  • Library facility
  • Flexible timing
  • Experience and well trained faculties
  • Lifetime practice session
  • Well equipped infrastructure
  • Booking for Test


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